19 August 2016 - clay

Do we see the stars?

He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.

– Psalm 147:4

I believe we often have a hard time when we hear verses about the stars and the innumerability of them. I know that where I live it can be hard to make out more than a few stars in the night sky. For many of us in western society, we live in cities. We live in areas where the magnificence of the stars is lost to us. The light pollution around us makes the stars disappear to the point that when we come across a verse like the one above, it doesn’t inspire awe.

The light pollution is like blinders on our eyes. We don’t see the stars because there is so much more around us that draws our attention away from them.

Just like the stars, we don’t see the everyday miracles that God performs because we are blinded by the noise in our lives. We’re drawn to the temporal rather than the eternal. We focus on the tasks which need to be done this week and ignore the tasks that have eternal consequence. We pass through life with our face down in our phone instead of looking up to see the hurting people around us. Our focus is drawn inward, and we can’t see the needs of anyone else.

What do you see when the blinders come off? The world opens up. Check out this video.

Lost in Light from Sriram Murali on Vimeo.

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